Why You May Need More Than a “Transition Specialist”

Written By Mom's House

Published: April 12, 2022
How do you currently handle prospective residents who must sell a home before they move-in? 

Are you handing them over to realtors? Or putting them in touch with transition specialists (who are often realtors themselves or affiliated with a realtor)? 

Can they help? Yes, but…! 

While all claim to help families transition a loved one out of a home and into a senior living community, none may be what your prospect really needs.

They may be good at providing resources but this does little to nothing to take the burden of decisions and tasks off the backs of prospects. 

In fact, using these resources can tack months onto the move-in – months that your prospect could be spending as a resident in your community, and months of revenue that you could be enjoying. 

What you may really need is a transition specialist who can actually buy your prospect’s house. 

To be clear, we’re not referring to an I-Buy hack who will engage in bait and switch tactics to squeeze more money out of your prospect. This doesn’t help anyone and can negatively impact the reputation you are working so hard to sustain.

We are referring to a highly skilled, trained specialist who is also a certified buyer. A solutions-oriented person with a level of compassion you won’t find in realtors, I-Buyers, lenders or others who look at your prospect purely from a transactional standpoint. 

We know this because these are the only kind of transition specialists we use at Mom’s House. Here’s what makes them different:  

  • They undergo an extensive on-site training program on the senior living industry – to ensure they understand the family’s challenges, issues and solutions.
  • They are hired for their passion to serve seniors, strong ethics and inter-personal skills as well as reputation in their communities – qualities you will rarely find in many real estate agent or I-Buyers.
  • They are apt at dealing with the emotional challenges of your prospective resident, providing solid advice and additional resources, if needed.
  • They are dedicated to the senior living community, working as a partner, keeping you informed of progress every step of the way.
  • Because they are also Mom’s House-trained, Senior Transition Specialists, they are able to provide a fair offer to the prospective resident on the spot.
  • They take all the hassle off their backs of your prospects so that they are ready to move in quickly.

What does using a transition specialist/certified buyer mean for senior living sales? 

  • It gives your sales team a valuable tool, in the form of a solid solution to quickly convert prospects who need to sell their homes to pay for care.
  • It helps build trust and loyalty with your prospect, because you are seen as a partner who cares, helping them make the transition and giving them options.  
  • It helps you move more residents in, months sooner.


When you have a prospective resident who needs to access the equity in their house to pay for your community, you have a challenge many will walk away from. And yet, these individuals represent more than  50% of your prospects. 

Your prospective residents who need to sell their home have emotional needs as well as financial ones. Options and solutions are what they need, not corporate sharks with “deals” that devalue their home or realtors that insist in adding task after task to their to-do lists to make the hose retail ready

Make sure you introduce your valuable prospect to someone whose interests are aligned with yours. Picking the right transition specialist partner is a good first step.