Resident Readiness: More Options for Families Transitioning a Loved One to Senior Living

Our Social Mission

We are building a localized senior living specific ecosystem of resources designed to better meet the needs of families that the industry serves. These efforts educate and create positive social change by connecting trusted experts to families looking for the best way to navigate the unique challenges of aging. Our efforts create a cascading effect of resources to senior living professionals, families, and seniors, as well as being a catalyst for a shift in mindset, impacting future generations in America. As part of our national senior living relationships, we are sending outbound referrals to other trusted senior living stakeholders to further help families during this time of crisis, including veterans aid and attendance, placement agents, care communities, elder law attorneys, home health agents, and care communities.

We help Senior Living Professionals Offer Families More Options

Mom’s House helps families solve one of their biggest challenges in the journey to senior care by offering an easier, less stressful way to sell mom’s (or dad’s) house without repairing it, cleaning it up, clearing it out, or paying realtor fees. Through our nationwide network of Senior Transition Specialists, we offer services to purchase senior homes outright, in as-is condition, so families can close within weeks instead of months and get mom the care she needs now. There are no real estate agents involved in our process which means no renovating, no staging, no showings – and more importantly – no realtor fees. In fact, there are no fees for our service at all, for the family, for you, or the senior living community! 

Our Commitment to the Senior Living Community

We are dedicated to helping families have more time with their loved ones by alleviating the stress when a senior transitions into long-term care by creating a better solution for the senior home selling process. That’s why we created the Resident Readiness Program.

The Mom’s House Resident Readiness Program saves money, time, and stress for families. Transitioning to a senior care community is hard enough. The Mom’s House Resident Readiness Program is a no cost, no-obligation option for senior living professionals they can offer to anyone who visits their senior living community. The Resident Readiness Program helps with the stressful process of selling a house with all the stuff – streamlining as much of the process as possible.

Mom’s House is educating a network of home investors to provide compassionate solutions that create a social cascade of impact to families in America. We empower the families to more effectively turn equity into care for their loved one. By educating the adult children during this process, we increase the quality of life for older adults and allow them to age with dignity. This also creates positive social change by providing additional resources to senior living professionals, enabling them to more effectively help the families that they serve.

For the Senior (Home Seller) the traditional real estate experience is broken and doesn’t meet the family’s need to sell the house without having to invest the time, money, and effort to make the house retail-ready. Eliminating the make-ready process reduces a significant part of the stress for the family, removing the need to hire contractors, get bids, manage a rehab, and find the money needed to pay for the rehab. These all add financial and emotional stress, and more importantly, extend the timeframe to get Mom the care she needs now and to keep her safe. Reducing the risk of falls, improving medication management, and adding intellectual stimulation all help to extend her life and happiness.
Making the decision to move mom or dad to senior living is emotional enough. But when you add the stress of downsizing, renovations, and selling the family home – as you know all too well – it can easily become overwhelming. How long will it take to sell? Who will clean everything out? Do we have money to invest in updates? Is mom safe until we can move? The result is often a delayed move-in or worse, the decision to wait altogether. It doesn’t have to be this way. Mom’s House can help the process move forward and get more seniors into care as soon as possible.

Our Senior Transition Specialist Network

The Mom’s House Senior Transition Specialist nationwide network (the home buyers) is trained on the emotional and financial stress and crisis the family experiences when transitioning a senior into care. Our national training center has been recognized as one of the top education and training programs by real estate educators, students, and the senior living industry. We have trained a nationwide group of Senior Transition Specialists as an intentional network of supportive professionals focused on holistically caring for seniors and their families during the home selling process.

Senior Transition Specialist nationwide network

Our Leadership Team

Phillip Vincent


As a St. Louis native, Phillip’s passion is Cardinals baseball and Blues hockey. When he’s not watching sports or spending time with his family, he’s helping other families solve big problems. While he started his career as a home builder and developer, he quickly transitioned to buying houses from seniors, or their adult children, as they transitioned to senior living communities.

Over the last 22 years, Phillip has bought hundreds of houses and has a passion for working with senior families; his sellers love him! There isn’t much he hasn’t seen, so creativity and care are his go-to when it comes to buying houses and helping families solve one of their biggest problems. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making the home-selling process easier for seniors led him to create this nationwide network of Mom’s House Certified Buyers.

Phillip has two young sons, Drake and Sterling, and a super wife, Melissa, who’s all he could have ever dreamed of. (Well, except maybe his lifelong dream to one day own the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. #baseballnut) He is an avid tennis player and also loves playing hockey with his two boys. Phillip volunteers for multiple charities, including Brace for IMPACT 46, an organization that supports youth programming in both St. Louis and Haiti, and Special Spaces, which builds custom rooms for terminally ill children suffering from cancer.

Ben Rao


Ben grew up in Louisville, KY and graduated from the University of Kentucky. After 10+ years in the technology industry, Ben made the leap into real estate investing. In 2006, he co-founded Summit Holding Group, a real estate investing company, and has built a portfolio of residential and commercial properties. After renovating over 50 homes, he developed a software for managing rental portfolio websites. In 2010, Ben founded Community Buying Group (CBG), a company that united stakeholders to create a leverage buying program to save on building materials and services. Over seven years, he grew CBG to 20 employees and 15,000+ members nationwide.

In 2017, Ben sold CBG and turned his focus to developing Lee’s Summit’s first entrepreneurial and business incubator and office space in the formerly-vacant 14,000 sqft. post office in Downtown Lee’s Summit, now known as Bridge Space. Ben, with his endless energy, creative spark, and entrepreneurial vision, is well-served mentoring businesses of all sizes to grow and succeed.

Ben co-founded Mom’s House, a company that acts as a nationwide resource to help families that have a senior transitioning into assisted or senior living. Through his work at Mom’s House, Ben saw more and more families struggling with and unprepared for the transition to long-term care. Ben set out to solve this problem and dedicated his time to writing the Amazon best-selling book, How to Pay for Long-Term Care as a give back to families and the industry.

Ben and his wife Rhonda live with their two children, Maddy and Charlie, and their two dogs Luna and Charlie dog, in a renovated historic building that once was the Lee’s Summit Hospital and the Dayton Hotel in Downtown Lee’s Summit. Charlie dog, their border collie, goes to the office with Ben every day. Ben serves as a member, partner and past- president on many committees in the community.

Educating People To Go Out and Do Good

The senior living industry entrusts Mom’s House with families selling a home because of our extensive training.Our intensive training is how we protect our brand, the family, and make sure investors deeply understand the needs of a family transitioning a senior to care. Our training focuses on how Senior Transition Specialists build meaningful relationships in their local senior living market and provide services to help connect other senior living resources to the family in their local market. Our goal is to protect the family and preserve our company’s values while fulfilling our mission. Our training includes:

Insight into the nuances of the senior living industry

The move-in challenges senior living operators face

The process (and stress points) families go through

Understanding the emotional state of families

Sensitivity training, language to use

Tips for connecting with families

How to continue to support the move to senior living for our partners

Mom’s House is proud to work with veterans and honor their service. We work with several referral partners that specializes in working with veterans. If you or a spouse has been active in the service you may be eligible for veterans benefits. Click here to learn more.


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Resident Readiness Program

Help me get move-ins within weeks, not months

Testimonial Four – Ed

“I worked with the specialist and we made a settlement yesterday. Your specialist in York, Pennsylvania was efficient and did very well. I recommended Mom’s House to a friend in Boston. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for us.”
- Ed

Testimonial Three – Bill

“My wife and I decided to move into a retirement community, we had to do that since she needed to get skilled nursing care. They were about as honest and communicative as they could get. I’ll give him 5 Stars”
- Bill

Testimonial Two – Susan

“I’m Susan and I was really happy with it. (The offer) came out and I was just thrilled with what a nice person and how capable he was.”
- Susan

Testimonial One – Dick

“I sold my home. It was a very pleasant experience. The guy was very experienced; they knew what they were doing…I sold my home to him after talking to several real estate agents.”
- Dick