What is Mom’s House and How Can It Help Me?

Mom’s House Mission

Our mission is to give families more time with their loved ones by alleviating the stress when a senior transitions into long-term care by enhancing the experience, simplifying the transition, and recognizing that the senior’s homes carry a rich history full of memories of the lives they have lived there.

We are educating a network of home investors to provide compassionate solutions for mom (or dad) and lessen the stress for daughter Judy. We want to empower families with more options and resources. By educating the adult children during this process, we increase the quality of life for older adults and allow them to age with dignity. This also creates positive social change by providing additional resources to senior living professionals, enabling them to more effectively help the families that they serve.

Compassion, Not Commission

Our Senior Transition Specialists are educated on the ins and outs of the senior living industry. They are trained to work with families compassionately and professionally in a time of crisis. Our process is simple, once you refer a family to Mom’s House, we will match you with a STS that specializes in buying property in your area. In order to be sure the family is the top priority in the transition process, it is extremely important to refer to us directly. We want to be part of the entire process with you, the family, and the STS to make the experience as simple and efficient for the senior transitioning into care.

Testimonial Four – Ed

“I worked with the specialist and we made a settlement yesterday. Your specialist in York, Pennsylvania was efficient and did very well. I recommended Mom’s House to a friend in Boston. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for us.”
- Ed

Testimonial Three – Bill

“My wife and I decided to move into a retirement community, we had to do that since she needed to get skilled nursing care. They were about as honest and communicative as they could get. I’ll give him 5 Stars”
- Bill

Testimonial Two – Susan

“I’m Susan and I was really happy with it. (The offer) came out and I was just thrilled with what a nice person and how capable he was.”
- Susan

Testimonial One – Dick

“I sold my home. It was a very pleasant experience. The guy was very experienced; they knew what they were doing…I sold my home to him after talking to several real estate agents.”
- Dick