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Mom’s House

Making the decision to move mom or dad to senior living is emotional enough. But when you add the stress of downsizing, renovations and selling the family home – as you know all too well – it can easily become overwhelming. How long will it take to sell? Who will clean everything out? Do we have money to invest in updates? Is mom safe until we can move?

The result is often a delayed move-in or worse, the decision to wait altogether. It doesn’t have to be this way. Mom’s House can help get your move-ins back on track and keep them moving forward to get the senior care sooner.

How does it work?

Mom’s House is a national network of certified home buyers that purchases homes for cash within weeks in as-is condition. We specialize in buying senior homes. As a referral partner, you connect your prospective residents with us.

We’ll quickly assign a Mom’s House Certified Buyer to your family. This local buyer will personally visit the family home to present options, answer questions and make a fair cash offer on the spot.

It’s a quick, streamlined process that gives families the much-needed cash to get mom or dad the care they need sooner and without the stress. Best of all, there are no cost to the family or the senior care community.

Compassion, Not Commission

There are no real estate agents involved in our process which means no renovating, no staging, no showings – and more importantly – no realtor fees. In fact, there are no fees for our service at all, for the family or your community!

Through our Certified Home Buyer Program, our experienced buyers are trained to be compassionate advisors to families throughout the process.

Listen To What Families Are Saying About Mom’s House

“I sold my home, It was a very pleasant experience. The guy was very experienced; they knew what they were doing…I sold my home to him after talking to several real estate agents.”


“I’m Susan and I was really happy with it.
(The offer) came out and I was just thrilled
with what a nice person and how capable he was.”


“My wife and I decided to move into a retirement community, we had to do that since she needed to get skilled nursing care. They were about as honest and communicative as they could get. I’ll give him 5 Stars”


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