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July 11, 12, 13, 2021 | St. Louis, MO or Zoom

Hotel is less than 10 minutes from St. Louis airport.
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Create A Lifelong Lead Source

A deep-dive training into the senior industry that will change your real estate business forever.

  • Discover how to tap into the secret lead source that delivers leads continuously for years
  • Meet with industry experts who will share the exact who, what, when, where, how (get your questions answered)
  • Create a recession proof business model that requires ZERO marketing budget
  • Reveal game changing relationships that can accelerate your growth, increase your leads and margins
  • Take a virtual field trip into the senior living world
  • Access industry-specific trainings to make sure you get your foot in the door and create success from the beginning

Meet the Experts

Phillip Vincent

Co-Founder Mom’s House

Ben Rao

Co-Founder Mom’s House

“I used the teaching of Mom’s House to meet a few placement agents. I did my first deal in 2 weeks and that deal made $40,000 and did a second deal with a second placement agent two weeks after that, and it made $16,000.
I’d say that 56K in the first month was more than I expected.

– Ryan Gentry



Day 1

  • Learn to build your real estate investment business with no marketing expense
  • What business are you building? Focus on building the lifestyle you want
  • How to tap in to the industry’s best leads
  • Who are the key stakeholders (don’t waste time with the wrong people)
  • Understanding the enormous opportunity for your business  
  • Learn why the senior living world is the real estate investor’s future
  • Live expert Interview with a senior living placement agent with Q&A
  • Avoiding costly mistakes – accelerating your success
  • Psychology of relationship building in the senior living industry
  • Hire to Retire
  • Student success stories
  • Dinner for all attendees – A taste of Saint Louis on us
  • Senior Living Game Night – B.I.N.G.O

Day 2

  • Virtual Field Trip – Tour a Senior Living Community (learn who you are helping)
  • Finding the industry best lead source 
  • Real Estate helps to Pay for long-term care 
  • Why you are a solution to solve the senior living industry’s problems
  • 20 Is Plenty Importance (the leads come to you)
  • 20 relationships is your goal (what does 20-40 deals a year mean to your business)
  • Learning what’s in it for them (understanding will allow for quicker connections)
  • Live Interview with a Elder Care Attorney w/ Q and A
  • How to network in the senior living industry  (exactly how and where)
  • Where to find your tribe (this is not a full time job, if you do it right)
  • Be the solution and you become an invaluable asset to their business (lifelong oil well)
  • Helping the family through “Crisis Mode”
  • Defining your goal (knowing your goals will make them a reality easier)
  • Games that will blow your mind, and help you buy more houses
  • Beans (The visual dilemma of the problem with the Stuff)
  • Negotiation Tactics (to make you a closer on all your deals)
  • Getting more deals closed from your marketing
  • Dinner & Cocktails On Us

Day 3

  • Setting your Goals and you big why
  • Working with the Seller
  • Finding more leads and monetize you bad leads
  • Disposition Network – how to scale your business with us
  • Industry Expert Interview
  • Doing Deals and Making money
  • How you are part of a bigger solution and not doing this on your own
  • Step by Step process to you success
  • Eliminating your roadblocks
  • The exact next steps to move you forward with success
St Louis Live Moms House Training

What Certified Mom’s House Buyers Are Saying:

Garrett Miles

Resolve Home Buyers

“This education teaches you the “how” and actually gives you the building blocks and steps to take action the second that you’re back at your office”

Ryan Whitney

Watts Group Real Estate

“The last two days have been so amazing. It’s gonna produce so many leads, so much money in continuous, ongoing flow for years and it’s also the segment of the market where we can help these families.”

Ryan Whitney

Watts Group Real Estate

Lisa Weston

Winvest Home Builders

“Now I have a better understanding of how to speak with the families, people that work with the senior living communities and it will absolutely give me an opportunity to do more deals.”

Kellie Wagner

Resolve Home Buyers

“Mom’s House really helped me to take perspective of the opportunities to serve and it answered a lot of questions that I know I’m gonna be able to implement in my business.”

Kellie Wagner

Resolve Home Buyers

Danny Obannon

High Way Investments

“We learned how to be the first ones to get those deals, a lot of practical stuff and we’re very excited to go back and implement it.”

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