Join us to better serve families and bring change to the transition experience.

Register here to be a part of our social mission to give families more options, more time together, and place more seniors with the families you already work with!

Mom’s House is the standard of treatment, compassion, and convenience in the senior transition home selling process.

We know that placement agents are a vital resource to help families navigate the confusing and emotional transition journey….and we are so happy to have you here. We invite you to be part of our movement to help more families that have a senior transitioning into senior living.

So how does it work?

When you refer a family to Mom’s House, you can have the confidence that the family is going to be treated with empathy and sensitivity by one of our Senior Transition Specialists.

These Senior Transition Specialists are real estate investor professionals. They actually buy a house to fix and flip or hold on to it as a rental property.

And please I want to be clear…we are NOT real estate agents,
I want to share this again, our transition specialists are NOT real estate agents.

They buy the house as-is with all of the stuff the family doesn’t want in weeks instead of the traditional process that could takes months, eliminating the stress for the family and speeding up moving in process for your clients.

And when you work with a transition specialist, all of the carry cost and commissions are eliminated too.

Yes, you heard me right, there are no fees to the families, and that’s 6% savings, right into the families pocket to help pay for care.

Now I know some of you may be saying, can’t they get a lot more money listing it? Or do you guys just lowball? No!

Trusting Mom’s House

We are educating a national network of empathetic home buyers to go out and do good and since the senior living industry entrusts Mom’s House with families selling a home, every senior transition specialist must complete our live three-day training program to help protect the family and preserve our company’s values while fulfilling our mission.

Mom’s House has trained over 700 Senior Transition Specialists. These specialists are trained on the emotional and financial stress the family experiences during the transition, which we know many times is unplanned and a crisis.

We are here to help you give families more OPTIONS…

And here most of all.. to help relieve the stress for daughter Judy, the family, and the senior.

Register Here to be part of our social mission to give families more options and more time together!

Testimonial Four – Ed

“I worked with the specialist and we made a settlement yesterday. Your specialist in York, Pennsylvania was efficient and did very well. I recommended Mom’s House to a friend in Boston. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for us.”
- Ed

Testimonial Three – Bill

“My wife and I decided to move into a retirement community, we had to do that since she needed to get skilled nursing care. They were about as honest and communicative as they could get. I’ll give him 5 Stars”
- Bill

Testimonial Two – Susan

“I’m Susan and I was really happy with it. (The offer) came out and I was just thrilled with what a nice person and how capable he was.”
- Susan

Testimonial One – Dick

“I sold my home. It was a very pleasant experience. The guy was very experienced; they knew what they were doing…I sold my home to him after talking to several real estate agents.”
- Dick


How do I refer a family to Mom’s House

Mom’s House is integrated within your business platform so you can easily refer a family to us and we will then connect you and the family with our Senior Transition Specialist in your area.

What is a Senior Transition Specialist?

A Mom’s House Senior Transition Specialist is a compassionate home investor that has completed our live 3 day training class where they learn the ins and outs of the senior living industry. They are highly educated and motivated to make an impact in the senior living space while helping seniors and families in their local communities. They maintain continuing education requirements and receive mentorship and coaching from our founders Phillip Vincent and Ben Rao.

How can a Senior Transition Specialist help me and the families I work with?

Our STS are highly trained in the senior living industry and are NOT real estate agents. They are compassionate and professional home investors that can offer fair cash value for the family home. This allows the family to access cash much faster than a traditional real estate transaction and get mom (or dad) the care they need NOW!

How will I, the Senior Advisor, be involved in the process?

Our STS will reach out to you and the family in order to serve the family with the utmost integrity while building a professional relationship with you.

Why refer to Mom’s House?

Mom’s House offers you more options to better serve your families. We are shining a light on the broken sales process in the senior living industry and can offer more options to help families with the home and all the stuff.

Are there any costs associated with your services for Senior Advisors or the families we work with?


Are your services located nationwide?

YES! We have a nationwide network of Senior Transition Specialists