Mom’s House Integration with SiteStaff Chat Helps Increase Move-Ins for Senior Living Communities

New partnership provides older adults immediate access to a Senior Living home-buying network, enabling them to move into senior living communities much sooner.

Chesterfield, MO – August 22, 2022 Today, Mom’s House, the nation’s largest buyer of homes owned by seniors, has announced a partnership with SiteStaff Chat – the leader in live chat for Senior Living websites. 

As families visit Senior Living Community websites looking for the best place for their loved ones, live SiteStaff Chat hosts can now easily connect the family with Mom’s House Senior Transition Specialists in their area to buy their home. 

“This partnership and integration with SiteStaff Chat is a critical piece of our overall strategy to provide streamlined access to our nationwide team of Senior Transition Specialists. Families who are concerned about selling their homes – even during a housing recession – now have local real estate investors in their area at their fingertips through a SiteStaff Chat encounter,” said Ben Rao, Co-Founder of Mom’s House. 

Mom’s House has created the nation’s largest network of Senior Transition Specialists – a team of compassionate and empathic real estate investors who are ready to purchase homes for a fair price, alleviating most of the stress of selling a home and clearing it out. 

The Mom’s House team of Senior Transition Specialists purchase homes “as-is”, so there’s no remodel, open house, or realtor fee. This unique approach dramatically decreases the time until closing and allows families to move their loved ones into their preferred senior community within weeks, not months.  

“With the SiteStaff integration, Senior Living Community sales and marketing teams can now assure their families they won’t need to stress about selling the house or any of the unwanted “stuff” inside. Mom’s House will take care of everything with a very fair, “as-is” offer for their home and a closing that is often just weeks away. 

“This is a huge opportunity for Senior Living communities. With Mom’s House, Senior Living sales and marketing teams don’t need to be concerned any longer about the families’ house taking months to sell before they can move in. Mom’s House will take care of it,” said Phillip Vincent, Co-Founder of Mom’s House. 

“Every one of our SiteStaff Chat customers has the Mom’s House integration as part of their plan. All they have to do is turn it on. And the best part? The Mom’s House team doesn’t charge anything for their services. It’s a huge benefit for SiteStaff Chat customers and families searching for a senior living community. They don’t have to worry about selling the house,” said Marc Cherabie, Director of Sales at SiteStaff Chat.

About Mom’s House

Mom’s House is redefining the family’s experience and disrupting this broken foundational component of the Senior Living Industry sales process. We are shining a bright light on an industry problem and providing a solution to ensure Mom is safer while relieving the stress of selling the house and dealing with all the stuff, giving the family the time to redirect their focus on Mom’s care. Our nationwide network of Senior Transition Specialists are real estate investors who are ideally equipped and trained to work with older adults, and purchase homes “as-is” at a fair market value. To learn more about Mom’s House, visit https://momshouse.com/ 

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About SiteStaff Chat

SiteStaff Chat is a proactive live chat service provider for elite businesses offering the most personalized services, with highly-skilled, expertly trained, college-educated American chat hosts. SiteStaff Chat hosts emotionally connect with seniors and adult children. Visit their website to learn more: https://www.sitestaffchat.com/industries/senior-living/