MOM’s House
Certified Investor Training

The Ultimate Real Estate Event!

“Senior Leads and lead Source”


WHERE: The Scott Spa & Resort
in Scottsdale, AZ

Mom’s House is going on the road to host our next Certified Buyers Class on March 11th & 12th in Scottsdale, AZ at The Scott Resort & Spa!

We will begin each day at 9:00 am, with doors opening at 8:40am.

On Day 1, we will end at 5:00, in time relax or freshen up before our group dinner, hosted by Ben and Phillip, at 6:30.

On Day 2, we aim to wrap up by 1:00 to open up more options for those who wish to travel that evening.

Live Or Livestream…Your Choice


The Mom’s House Certified Investor Program is unlike any other lead and deal source system out there. 

Here’s why…

I’ve been investing in real estate full time for the past 21 years. And this proprietary system has taken me over 5 years to master. 

It’s in a class all its own. Nothing comes close.

I get hundreds of leads every year and close over 40% of them…with little to no seller resistance and practically ZERO marketing expense!



And many of my students experience similar results.

The leads and deals you get are UNTOUCHED by other investors or agents…

So you are FIRST IN LINE to access this ‘hidden in plain site’ gold mine.

NEVER AGAIN compete for the highest quality leads or deals…EVER!

Change Your Business…
AND Your Life NOW

Get Exclusive Access To This Untapped and Little Known
Revenue Stream

Live Or Livestream…Your Choice

Here’s What You Can Expect

At this live (and livestream) event, you’ll discover how to…

  • Create a sustainable and recurring pipeline of qualified leads
  • Attract highly motivated sellers ready to go to contract on their home
  • Find lead sources that contact ONLY you when they identify a seller
  • Establish life-long ironclad relationships with your lead sources
  • Skyrocket your closing ratio to 25…35…even 40% in no time flat
  • Bypass all the pitfalls that other investors experience (this is HUGE!)
  • Be a true ‘white knight’ to the families you’re serving and helping
  • Grow and scale your business faster than you imagined
  • Avoid the typical investor ‘rat race’ of fighting and competing for deals
  • Instantly identify your ideal lead sources AND sellers
  • Effortlessly talk to sellers so they get to know, like, and trust you
  • Easily position yourself as the ONLY solution to their problem
  • Expand your network beyond your local market (this is slick!)
  • Run your business so it doesn’t run you
  • Become the ‘go-to’ expert in your market
  • Command the attention of every facility and agency you contact
  • Go from ‘conversation’ to ‘conversion’ in a flash
  • Create a strong bond so your clients refer you deals over and over again
  • Drastically reduce your marketing and ad costs (even to zero!)
  • Magnetize high quality leads in as little as 2 days
  • And SO much more!


Direct access to the me, Phillip Vincent, your host and senior living expert.  

We’re intentionally keeping this event small and intimate…

Because I want to make sure you get the hands-on treatment you deserve so you get everything you need to hit the ground running and EXPLODE your business.

Live Or Livestream…Your Choice

Everything You Need to Build
Your Business NOW

You’ll get all the strategies, tools, and scripts you need to start attracting leads and deals. 

What’s more, you’ll be one of the few elite investors in the country privy to this exclusive, one-of-a-kind real estate investor system. 

Which means, you’ll literally OWN your market!

Take a look at everything that’s included in this robust program

Here’s what you get when you attend (LIVE or VIRTUAL LIVESTREAM)…

Certification to be the ONLY investor eligible to access ‘senior’ leads and deals in your market

Reserved seating for you and a partner or guest

2 Days of face to face over-the-shoulder training and workshops

White-glove Success Coaching on marketing to the senior living space and families of seniors

One-on-One Personal “Your First 3 Deals” Mentoring”

Step by Step Blueprints for sealing life-long relationships with care communities, placement agents, and stakeholders (priceless!)

Custom marketing plans created SPECIFICALLY for YOUR market

High Def recordings to the entire 2-day event

Scripts, videos, and worksheets so you know EXACTLY what to say and what to do to lock in the deal

Instant Access to our MOM’s House Online Academy 2-Day Course

Private membership to our online Certified Real Estate Investors group

“The Certified Investors Workbook”…100+ pages of pure gold

Business-Building Relationship Mentoring (Show Me the Money!)

Front-of-the-line FREE Access to MOM’s House Phase Two ‘National Network’ leads and deals, when released

High level networking with the smartest and most caring real estate investors in the country

There are very limited seats available
so this event WILL SELL OUT!

And that goes for ‘virtual seats’ as well, because our coaches can only handle so many investors effectively. 

So make sure to reserve your tickets NOW for yourself or for you and a partner or guest. 

Whether you come to The Scott Scottsdale, AZ and join us LIVE…

Or attend the Livestream from the comfort of your home…

Jump on this because it will fill out FAST!

Live Or Livestream…Your Choice

Eric Lundberg

Winvest Home Builders

“We’ve been buying houses for 15 years and I know how how important buying houses from elderly is, but it’s not till the last couple of days that I recognized how much I’ve been missing out.

And frankly, it’s gonna be a lot more fun cause we’re helping people.”

I can’t wait to meet you at The Mom’s House Certified Investors Training!

Phillip Vincent

What Certified Mom’s House Buyers Are Saying:

Garrett Miles

Resolve Home Buyers

“This education teaches you the “how” and actually gives you the building blocks and steps to take action the second that you’re back at your office”

Ryan Whitney

Watts Group Real Estate

“The last two days have been so amazing. It’s gonna produce so many leads, so much money in continuous, ongoing flow for years and it’s also the segment of the market where we can help these families.”

Ryan Whitney

Watts Group Real Estate

Lisa Weston

Winvest Home Builders

“Now I have a better understanding of how to speak with the families, people that work with the senior living communities and it will absolutely give me an opportunity to do more deals.”

Kellie Wagner

Resolve Home Buyers

“Mom’s House really helped me to take perspective of the opportunities to serve and it answered a lot of questions that I know I’m gonna be able to implement in my business.”

Kellie Wagner

Resolve Home Buyers

Danny Obannon

High Way Investments

Danny Obannon

High Way Investments

“We learned how to be the first ones to get those deals, a lot of practical stuff and we’re very excited to go back and implement it.”

Live Or Livestream…Your Choice