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Helps Seniors Move In Faster

we purchase homes “as-is”and get
seniors the care they need faster.

All across the country families are facing the challenge of finding a senior living community to provide the much needed care their loved one suddenly requires. Most of the time, these families are severely underprepared to navigate the transition from mom living independently at home to living in a senior living community. In addition to the doctors appointments, legal paperwork, and normal life responsibilities, they are dealing with the emotional toll of what is happening to mom. The woman who has taken care of them their entire life is now in need of someone to do that for her and the family is looking for someone else to do it. 

Finding the best community to provide mom the care she needs is the number one priority for the adult children. Once they have done that, the family and senior living community now share one common obstacle: How to pay for it.

We can help.

Using our national network, Mom’s House helps these families and senior communities connect with certified homebuyers who are ready to purchase mom’s home as-is, for cash within weeks instead of months. These are not realtors. They are professional homebuyers with specific training that enables them to handle the families with the compassion and sensitivity they need while helping the senior living community fill their beds. 


As a Mom’s House Certified Buyer, you are the solution to the one common problem the family and the senior living community face: How to unlock the equity in mom’s house to pay for the care she now requires.  Remember, these families are dealing with  a lot and the last thing they are thinking about his everything required to sell mom’s house. It’s your job to educate them and paint a clear picture of the process they face without you compared to with you. You are NOT a realtor. You are the homebuyer! Instead of interviewing contractors and realtors, fixing up mom’s house to get it in “selling condition”, and waiting for the listing to generate offers, families meet with you and you take care of the rest!

Now, the family can focus on what matters most: Mom!

Without Mom’s House

With Mom’s House

As a Mom’s House Certified Buyer you automatically become eligible to receive leads from senior living communities we already have relationships with in your local market. Our Certification Program provides real estate investors like you with the skills, knowledge, and relationships needed to take these families from initial meeting to close in days instead of months! The family gets mom the care she needs and you get to increase your real estate portfolio without losing part of your profit in realtor fees.  It’s a true win-win that you can be proud of because of the service you are providing to members of your community during one of the most emotional times of their lives. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Quicker Moves, Less Stress, Happier Families

Senior Living Operators

Without Mom’s House

   Home Sale Barriers

   Lengthy Sales Cycle

   Short-Term Lending

   Lack of Solutions to Ease Prospect Burden

   Unpredictable Sales Pipeline

With Mom’s House

   Faster Move-Ins

   Increased Occupancy

   Care Provided Sooner

   Trust Built with Families

   Competitive Advantage

Families Considering Senior Living

Without Mom’s House

   Real Estate Agent Fees

   Rehab Costs

   Make-Ready Costs

   Getting Rid of “The Stuff”

   Scheduling Showings

   Time Delays & Stress

   Confidence Family Home in Good Hands

With Mom’s House

   Local Mom’s House Certified Buyer (no fees)

   Fair Cash Offer to Purchase As-Is

   Close in Weeks With no Closing Costs

   Free Up Equity to Pay For Care Sooner

   We Take Care of All The “Stuff”

   Happier Families

   Freeing Up Your Time to Focus on Care

The Process is Simple!

    You refer to Mom’s House.

    We’ll schedule a certified home buyer to meet the family.

    The buyer will personally visit and provide an on-the-spot offer.

** Due to COVID-19 and our concern of health of seniors visits are not required and offers can be made over the phone **

     The family can close quickly.

    The senior gets care sooner.

    Sign up to be a community partner.

Our Certified Home Buyers
Support the Journey to Senior Living

We’re not real estate agents; think of us as trusted advisors that help you support the move for prospective residents. Our value lies in making the home sale process quick and efficient while at the same time being respectful and compassionate during this challenging time for families.

To do that, our certified home buyers must meet specific qualifications and complete our intensive Certified Home Buyer Program.

Mom’s House Certified Buyers:

   Highly-experienced “as-is” real estate buyers in their local market

   Demonstrate empathy in treating home sellers with respect and care

   No pressure sales approach

   Complete intensive, 2-day “live” training that includes Sensitivity Program

   30 hours of continuing education hours required annually

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listen to And See what families
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Happy Home seller Testimonial

I sold my home, It was a very pleasant experience. The guy was very experienced; they knew what they were doing…

I sold my home to Him after talking to several real estate agents.


Happy Home seller Testimonial

“I’m Susan and I looked you guys up and I was really happy with it. (The offer) came out and I was just thrilled with what a nice person and how capable he was. He seems to know what he is doing.

So that’s why I went with [Mom’s House] , because he is excellent! Right now we are getting ready to close and I am really happy!”


Happy Home seller Testimonial

“My wife and I decided to move into a retirement community, we had to do that since she needed to get skilled nursing car.

The guy was about as honest and communicative as he could get. I’ll give him 10 Stars


Happy Home seller Testimonial

“Just want to let you know that we made settlement yesterday. Your buyers in York, Pennsylvania – Integrity First Home Buyers – was very efficient and did very well. I also recommended you to a person up in Boston. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for us.”

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