Resident Readiness: the faster, better way to sell Mom’s house

Introducing the Resident Readiness Program. A faster, better way to sell Mom’s house.

As senior living professionals, we’ve all experienced it – in our own lives or in a professional capacity. When it’s time for mom or dad to transition to a senior living community, the situation becomes real. And personal.

There’s emotional pain and an inordinate amount of stress, and family members have to make tough decisions. They’re swamped with the unknown and have critically important questions:

  • How do we choose the right care for Mom?
  • How will we pay for her care?
  • What will we do with Mom’s house and her stuff?
  • How can we get her into a safe community as soon as possible?

It’s a very stressful time for families, and the senior living industry historically didn’t have a great solution to help families transition Mom to a senior living community quickly. The typical path: hire a realtor; the realtor inspects the house and recommends a long list of repairs and upgrades to get the house “ready” for the listing.

Several months and tens of thousands of dollars later, the house is finally ready for walkthroughs, open houses, inspections, negotiations, and ultimately realtor commissions. And research shows, homeowners will not make back all of the money they put into a renovation. In fact, according to costvsvalue.com, sellers will only make 60% of their money back on a home renovation.

It’s a losing proposition, and more importantly, where is Mom going to live while all of that is going on? She can’t wait months to transition to a senior living community. Mom and her family need help now.

There’s a better way.

Introducing the Mom’s House Resident Readiness Program™

Senior living needs solutions and partners who make the transition easier for families, and that’s exactly why we created the Resident Readiness Program. Our nationwide team of Senior Transition Specialists are compassionate people who are also very knowledgeable about real estate. They are not realtors or “iBuyers”. They’re focused on helping older adults with the sale of their homes (including all of the stuff) with understanding and empathy. No fees. No commissions. No obligation to use our services. No headaches.

The Mom’s House Resident Readiness Program helps:
  1. Families transition into senior living with fewer headaches
  2. Senior living communities by eliminating long delays from “tour to move-in”
  3. Relieve much of the stress for everyone involved in a senior’s transition to a community
Want to learn more about our Resident Readiness Program?

If you are looking for more information on how we can help your senior living organization, please reach out. We want to help as many families as possible with their transition into senior living.

Hear from a homeowner who sold their home to Mom’s House

Mom’s House is dedicated to helping older adults transition into senior living. Our Resident Readiness Program allows Mom (and Dad) to be better prepared to sell their home and all of their stuff – getting them transitioned months sooner than a traditional real estate sale.