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The Ultimate Emerging Market for Real Estate Investors

As Boomers begin to take care of their parents, their mom's houses are coming up for grabs. These are ideal opportunities for quality flips and rentals in an emerging $XXX Billion market.

Our exclusive Mom's House Certified Investor Program can take you to the next level of earning potential, while training you how to care & capitalize upon the unique needs of this demographic.

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Mom's House is the win-win you've been looking for!

Mom's House is making lives easier ... for investors, for families, and for senior living communities.

Mom's House • The Trusted As-Is Buyer Program

We are solving the biggest problem facing the Senior Living industry.

Senior Living Communities

Mom’s House helps senior living communities, care providers, and placement agencies to be more profitable by helping clients sell their houses and move in as few as 10 days.

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Let us connect you to a trusted Mom's House Certified Buyer near you.

Selling My Parents' Home

We understand how stressful transitioning a parent to senior living can be. Our Mom’s House buying network is ready to make you a cash offer in as few as 10 days. This will provide your family with the much-needed liquid funds and speedy timing to better care for your loved ones.

Learn our secrets to GROW your real estate investment business to the next level!

Certified Investor Program

Mom’s House is the nation's largest senior home buyer network. Our training certification program gives investors all the tools they'll need to tap this vastly growing market with quality leads and proven processes.

Senior Living Communities

Mom’s House helps senior living communities, care providers and placement agencies to be more profitable by helping clients sell their houses and move in as few as 10 days.

We fix one of the biggest problems facing the senior living industry; "how do we speed up the process from the first walkthrough to the move-in date?"

Do you ever have families seeking to move Mom or Dad to a senior living community but cannot make it happen until they sell Mom’s House?  If the answer is YES, we can help!

Our goal is to help senior living communities increase their occupancy rates and improve profitability. We provide a sales tool for your team to help solve the problem of delayed move- in by new residents as they wait to sell their house. We help seniors sell their house, as-is, in 10 days so they can move into a senior living community faster, speeding up the home-selling process by as much as 3 to 6 months!

Through our national network, we connect your prospective residents with a trusted Mom's House certified real estate investor in your local market. These investors can purchase a home “as- is”—and in as few as 10 days eliminating the stress of property rehab, clean out, real estate agent fees, closing fees or tapping into the family’s savings to pay for senior care.

We help senior care communities:

Accelerate profitability - Move your prospects in 90 days faster, allowing you to bring revenue forward, improving cash flow and reducing A/R risk.

Increase occupancy - increase your success and your competitive advantage by offering a solution that both solve a problem and keeps your prospects in your community.

Offer better care - Help senior living communities get care to their residents faster! Don’t make seniors wait for 3 to 6 months for their home to sell and to start receiving the professional care they need. if we can help you get your prospects moved in sooner, you are getting the senior into a professional’s care sooner vs. waiting for 3 to 4 months to start receiving care.

We can help improve your community's bottom line! Schedule a consultation for your admissions team on how now. We can help improve your community's bottom line.

Selling Your Mom's House

Mom's House is the nation's largest senior homebuyer network. We can connect you to a trusted Mom’s House Certified Buyer to help you transition your parent to assisted living.

We understand that there is no training that can prepare you to move your mom from her house and place her into a senior living community.

Today, you are being faced with giant life decisions that affect your whole family. We understand how important this transition is for your family and you don't need hiccups or additional burdens.

We are not real estate agents.

We won’t charge you a commission to sell your home. In fact, our services are no cost to you. Our trusted home buyer network will make you an offer on the spot. This is a no-pressure situation. We want you to want to sell us your home when you’re ready. You don’t even have to clean it up or clean it out. 

We won’t give you a costly and time-consuming list of things to do in order to get Mom's house ready for the retail market.

We will personally come out to the house and give you multiple options on how and when we might turn that house into the needed cash to pay for senior living, in weeks instead of months.

Mom's House is the nation's largest senior home buyer network, with "as-is home buyers" in your local community. We are a nationwide network of Our trusted and certified home buyers specialize in the transition process for getting Mom from her family home to the senior living community. Our team has experience buying homes as-is and superior industry training to help you in unique situations.

We understand how important this transition is for your family to go off without hiccups or unneeded burdens. Our home buyers are experienced in buying as-is and have superior industry training that helps you in unique situations. You will have the peace of mind that you can count on and deserve. The last thing you need right now is to take on a huge rehab project at Mom's house.

Mom's House is the nation's largest senior homebuyer network. We have local as is home buyers in cities all across this great nation. Call today to get your free offers! We work directly with thousands of long- term care providers, transition specialists, placement agencies, and in-home care providers. If you are downsizing, we can help.

We started buying houses in 2011 with a mission to give seniors and their families an easier (and less stressful!) to find an as-is cash home buyer for Mom's house. Real estate agents do not buy houses. We do. Unlike today's real estate agents who want perfect pictures of the houses they list, we understand that Mom was doing the best she could— and that we won’t ask your family to rehab before you can just to sell it. We love houses that could use updating! It's our business model.

We Mom’s House cares about your family and we specialize in turning Mom's house into a fair cash

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