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Certified Investor Program

Master an Exciting Emerging Market for Real Estate Investors

As Boomers begin to take care of their parents, their "mom's houses" need attention and must be sold to free up equity to pay for longterm care expenses. If you've been through our training program, these become ideal opportunities for quality flips and rentals in an emerging multi-billion dollar market.

Our exclusive Mom's House Certified Investor Program can take you to the next level of earning potential, while training you how to care & capitalize upon the unique needs of this demographic.

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Becoming a Mom's House Certified Investor can transform your business while you help families during one of the most stressful times in their lives. We can help you get higher quality leads, close more deals, and help people. We'd love to chat with you about the success we're having and that you can have, too.

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So, I'm already a successful real estate investor...

Why do I need to be certified?

We, as real estate investors, know that our success is only limited by the volume of profitable deals we are able to do. Acquiring qualified and motivated leads is the first critical step. As a Mom's House Certified Investor you will have access to an untapped wealth of quality leads. 

Our training program is proven to help you convert those leads into profitable deals. We want to help you be successful.

Mom's House is the win-win you've been looking for!

Mom's House is making lives easier for investors to get qualified leads and close many new deals.

Mom's House • The Trusted As-Is Buyer Program

We are solving the biggest problem facing the Senior Living industry.

Senior Living Communities

Mom’s House helps senior living communities, care providers, and placement agencies to be more profitable by helping clients sell their houses and move in as few as 10 days.

Senior and young women embracing at home
Let us connect you to a trusted Mom's House Certified Buyer near you.

Selling My Parents' Home

We understand how stressful transitioning a parent to senior living can be. Our Mom’s House buying network is ready to make you a cash offer in as few as 10 days. This will provide your family with the much-needed liquid funds and speedy timing to better care for your loved ones.

Learn our secrets to GROW your real estate investment business to the next level!

Certified Investor Program

Mom’s House is the nation's largest senior home buyer network. Our training certification program gives investors all the tools they'll need to tap this vastly growing market with quality leads and proven processes.

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